City    Oil on Canvas, 2001  91cm x 101cm 
  The Emerging Bodhisattva   44cm x 51cm x 42cm  Plaster; 2013
  Neither Reap Nor Sow   Pen and Ink on Paper; 72cm x 72cm  2009
  Baptismal Font   Limestone; 40cm x 50cm x 20cm  Austin, Texas; 2006
  Owl Contemplating the Origin of Energy   Pen and Ink on Paper; 20cm x 27cm  2012
  Plato   Clay, Sand, Earth, Pecan Tree  Austin, Texas; 2006
  Plato Decomposing and Emerging   Ceramic and Earth; 110cm x 85cm  Auckland, New Zealand; 2005   
  Ineffable Land    Pen and Ink on Paper, 27cm x 38cm  2008
  Story With No End   Casts of Penguin Rib collected in Oamaru, New Zealand; 17cm  Work pictured in Auckland, New Zealand; 2005
  The Inevitability of Everything   Tree, Earth, Clay, Sand; 105cm  Austin, Texas; 2006
  Emergence   Unfired Clay and Wood on Wall; 32cm x 20cm x 8cm  Auckland, New Zealand; 2005
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